Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why we're here

So all the traveling. Daniel (he thinks it's funny that I've been calling him "the husband") has a project in FL that requires him to be here a lot. Since we homeschool we've been able to come with him some. We've been here for 2 weeks at a time over the past 3 months. Then we go home for 2 weeks and come back for 2 weeks.

And while in theory 2 weeks in FL in the winter sounds really great....sometimes it's just not. We're in a 2nd floor apartment. Much better than a hotel obviously. But a 3yr old and a 7 yr old in a 2 bedroom, 4 room apartment? Not easy. There's not much room to run around and they can't really run around and be loud since we're on the 2nd floor.

And I'm lonely. (pity party, table for 1) I miss my friends! Not that I see them every day at home or even always talk to them every day. But I know that I can if I want to, ya know? I know I'll probably see somebody I know if I go to Target or Chick-fil-A. But here? It's kind of odd to be in a city for 2 weeks, go places, eat out, whatever and never see anyone you know. Except for the ones you brought with you. Who are honestly getting tired of only seeing YOU too.

The kids are actually better this trip than others. On the other trips, they weren't very well behaved. Arguing a lot, with each other and with me. Lots of drama. Which makes the already emotional mama feel like her head is going to spin off her shoulders. Anybody with me?

So...after all the complaining, are you still with me? Because I've been praying that the Lord would show me what I'm supposed to be learning from all this. And y'all, He is showing me.

---another reason for the "reasons it's cool to homeschool" list
---my kids are fun to hang out with (who knew?)
---I actually like driving around new places and investigating things
---it's almost fun to clean a tiny apartment that doesn't belong to you, although I don't know why

Finally, (well not really. I think I could write forever about what I'm learning)but...Finally-in-terms-of-this-post, my sweet Lord is showing me that even though I think I rely on Him, I really don't. I tend to rely on Him when I'm at the end of myself and what I can handle by myself. And people, that has been almost every day of this journey. It's just too much for this control freak, comfortable in my little box, like things the way I like them, girl. We fully believe the Lord blessed (yes, blessed) us with this opportunity for D's work. We prayed about it and fasted over it and talked about it and finally decided this was what we should do. And NOW I think He's given me a situation that is TOO big?

Well, it IS too big for me all by my little self.

But nothing is too big for my God.

And THAT, my friends, is the moral of this story.


Faith said...

I love that. "Nothing is too big for my God." You are definitely missed when you aren't here! I am so glad that the Lord is working and revealing more of Himself to you.

P.S. I think your kids are fun to hang out with too!

Sisterlisa said...

Thanks for coming by my blog JenB! I'm glad to have you come by. Your son is adorable! By the picture, Florida looks beautiful! We're having good weather in California too.

Have you heard of yet? It's a great little network for homeschoolers.

Melissa said...

I actually think it would be way cool to get to fly on a plane and take my kids and see new stuff. I know it has been an adjustment, but you are doing good girlfriend! Nothing IS too big for my God and I am glad He is working too! We miss you... come home soon!! But don't miss the lessons! And your kids will never forget this! The things they have seen and the places they have been is really awesome! Not every kid gets to do this when they are little. I am so proud of you guys! Praying for you too! Love you all!

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, you are doing a great job. You are balancing many hats. An look,I am in praise to anyone who home schools their kids. You are such a strong, mamma and wife. God has great gifts for you. This is just a few bumps, to get there. The Lord is showing you what a wonderful person you are. Just breath.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Yeah - I am so thankful you caved!!! and i miss everyone so much too!!

love, Leigh

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Well, I'm glad you explained this because I was a "little" confused as to why you were in FL so much!! =)

I imagine that it would be a little hard back and forth, but I'm glad you have such a great outlook on things!! It's very awesome!!

JenB said...

Nicki, this opportunity came up about the time the Australia thing was falling through. Now THAT gives me perspective! When it gets really crazy I think, well at least it's not Australia! haha

Anonymous said...

Your Hevenly Father loves you and is so proud of the lady you have become, and so do I.


Anonymous said...

My precious wife has had a tough time of it lately while I am having some fun working on an out of town project. I am proud of her for sticking it out and looking for what God is teaching her especially since I wouldn't be there if she couldn't go with me.

Now that your getting used to this travel thing maybe we should start praying about Australia...

D (The Husband, Hubby, whatever she's been calling me on this thing)

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I love the look of your bloggy! :)

And the fact that your husband left a comment is just precious.